Weeman Edit

Sonic OC aficionado that caused severe brain damages to the Zelda gorls, his name has become infamous around the Robin social.

Origins Edit

Weeman was genetically engineered by Hong in an attempt to create the perfect successor to her teachings and ultimate warrior. Unfortunately, something went horrible wrong during his creation, and so was born the Weeman we all know today.

Sonic OC Disaster Edit

November 11 2014, Weeman participated in a little game called "Google search *your name* the hedgehog" in the Robin social, which final results drove him to further insanity. Ever since then, he's been known to repeatedly post more OCs in sporadic occasions

The Day Everyone Got Brain Cancer Edit

May 12 2015, in another streak of posting more awful creations from the Sanic fanbase, Weeman found the ultimate creation of sheer gross and bizarre-ness, "Larry the Hedgehog", whose image alone managed to creep out the entire Robin social and permanentely damage the Zelda gorls brain. Ever since then, posting of Sonic OC's has been forbidden by the main moderator of the Robin boards, Raziek.

Banishment to the Dark Realm Edit

Weeman was out of control with the posting of OCs, everyone was in utter despair. Left with no other choice, Hong prepared to battle her one son and put an end to this madness. With nothing but her bare fists, Hong falcon punched Weeman all the way to the dark realm, never to be allowed back to our world. Ever since then, Weeman has tried to return and bring back his army of poorly drawn anthromorphic animals with him, but he was met with a similar fate. Legends say he dragged two unfortunate victims with him, Kenith and False Sense.

Acceptance and Forgiving Edit

After being gifted a premium upgrade, Weeman was given another chance by her mother in a land with no rules, no boundaries, where s***posting and Sanic deviations are common thing, the disco room. Weeman happily accepted to this invitation, much to Raziek's dismay.

Facts & Miscellaneous Edit

  • As a creature of Chaos, Weeman takes many forms and incarnations, however, his most common one is a Hawlucha.
  • His love for Sanic OC's is only beaten by his love for tacos.
  • Many songs and poems were written after his odysseys, including spoofs of the Princeof Bel-Air and He-Man themes.
  • He snuggled with redfeatherheaven during a cold winter night once.
  • Despite being thrown to the dark realm, Weeman has managed to survive two falcon punches by the strongest member of Smashboards, a remarkable feat.
  • It is said he's partners with ThunderSageNun, however, they haven't worked in cooperation to this day.
  • During his stay in the Dark Realm, he opened a move center for adventurous Pokemon who dared journey into the mysterious dungeons.
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