Smash 4 Social Threads have been known for their custom thread titles ever since version 4's introduction. These titles, while not always descriptive, can sometimes shed a little light on the history of our insanity.

Here, you will find most of the titles from the following threads:

  • Smash 4 Social Thread 4.0
  • Smash 4 Social Thread 5.0
  • Smash 4 Social Thread 6.0

4.0 (So far) Edit

  1. Mike Tyson's Social Thread Featuring Mr. Dream
  2. You're being watched
  3. Turbo Hyper Edition
  4. Don't Mind the Fat Controller
  5. Tyler Perry's Social Thread Featuring Madeas Nintendo Direct
  6. You can't spell "Entertainment" without "Terta"
  7. The Social Thread 4.0 Plays Pokémon Again
  8. Chop Chop Master Onion Was Here
  9. The League of Extraordinary Magentalmen
  10. The Insane Social Thread 4.0 - Post at your own risk.
  11. Coming soon to Blu-ray and VHS
  12. Expecting the Social Thread 4.0? TOO BAD. WALUIGI TIME
  13. Social Thread 4.0 - Take THAT, Olbermann! WE ARE!
  14. Social Thread 4.0 - Do You Hear the People Sing?
  15. Social Thread 4.0 - A Ban Waiting to Happen
  16. Social Thread 4.0 - Everyone Gets an Extra Hour in the Ball Pit
  17. Likeception
  18. The Flight Story. Coming soon to theaters.
  19. The Flight Story, coming soon to theaters feat. Danny DeVito as Space Stranger
  20. Social Thread 4.0 All-Stars Battle Royale - Getting Hungry Games
  21. Sailor Cardcaptor Madoka Precure Magi-Magic - The Series Edition
  22. Enter the Dorf Patrol
  23. Dorf Patrol Episode 2 - Soul Generator
  24. Dorf Patrol Episode 13- Soulless Villains.
  25. Isma-Я-us
  26. IHBUBBUBBY-Tha-Tha-Tha-That's All, Folks
  27. Muriel, where's my 3.0 Social Thread?
  28. Gee, Social Thread 4.0, what are we gonna do tonight? The same thing we do every night - title change.
  29. Now With 80% More GIFs
  31. Social Thread 4.0™ - The Final Countdown. Hey, where's my cameo? Feat. Deadpool
  32. The End is Nye
  33. Back to the Future, Top Gun, and also the thread is ending soon™
  34. Cowboys, spiders, drums, arms, wings. katanas, marsupials and OP form a circle
  35. Rockets, spiders, drums, arms, wings, katanas, marsupials and OP form a circle
  36. Social Thread 4-102 Alpha - The Animation
  37. SOCIAL THREAD 4.102 Alpha: KRSHSKRSH Transmission Interrupted. Critical Error. It's Happening.

5.0 Edit

  1. Social Shaq 5.0 - Taking it to the Court
  2. Shaq has transcended this plane of existence
  3. Long Live the Dictatorshaq!
  4. The boards must be crazy
  5. Where There's a Will, There's a Lawyer
  6. Pre-Order The Smashboards Exclusive FalKoopa Amiibo Now.
  7. Update: The Falkoopa Amiibo is Sold Out
  8. 1st Bi-Monthly Social Thread Picnic Currently Being Planned
  9. 'Users Viewing Thread' will be back SOON™'
  10. 'Users Viewing Thread' is back!
  11. 'Users Viewing Thread' is Finally Back! Performing For You!
  12. Happy Birthday Lucina!
  13. Doctor Kong's Social Thread 5.0 - Happy Birthday, Lucina! Expanded Edition Version 24601 Turbo DLC
  14. No One Got The 24601 Reference and I'm Sad Because of it.
  15. King K. Rool's Social Thread 5.0 - No One Got the 24601 Reference and I'm Sad Because Of It
  16. King K. Rool's Social Thread 5.0 - No One Got the 24601 Reference and I'm a Sad Marsupial
  17. King K. Rool's Social Thread 5.0 - You Can Turn a Fiero But You Can't Tourniquet
  18. The Squid 4 Social Thread 5.0
  19. The Squidward 4 Social Thread 5.0
  20. The Smash 4 Social Thread 5.0 goes to the mall to have pictures taken with Sakurai
  21. The Smash 4 Social Thread 5.0 goes to the mall to have pictures taken with Santa
  22. The Smash 4 Social 5.0 Makes Some Haikus. Title is Haiku
  23. Regirock, Regice, and Meta Knight
  24. Villager's Yellin' Timber
  25. Better not Spoiler Avengers...or else!
  26. The money printing Ukelele
  27. Captain Falcon Approved
  28. May the 4th Be With You
  29. Le Smash 4 Social 5.0 de Mayonnaise
  30. Smash 4 social 5.0 Happy Cinco De Mayo Revenge of the Fifth.
  31. No, TJ-Works, I'm Not Making THAT The Title...
  32. No, TJ-Works, New Title will not come any time SOON™
  33. Shots Were Fired Today
  34. Shots Were Fired Today on Condom Day. Protection Needed.
  35. ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌(; ̄◇ ̄)┘
  36. Guess which mod just editted the title?
  37. So a Mailman and a Psychologist Walk Into a Bar
  38. So a Miller and a Psycho Walk Into a Bar
  39. So a Voodoo Lady and a Robot Walk Into a Bar
  40. So a New Thread Title Walks Into a Bar
  41. So a New New New Thread Title Walks Into a Bar
  42. Robble Robble
  43. Happy Mother's Day! I want Candy
  44. Happy Earthbound Day!
  45. Today is Now King Dedede Day (or Dededay for short)
  46. boring bad interchangeable title
  47. New Metroid Game When?
  48. Opossum, You're Fired!
  49. The Legend of Gruntilda.
  50. "Waldo, We'd Like to Talk to You About the Avengers Initiative"...
  51. We'd like to talk about this thread's future...
  52. No more Exploding Salads
  53. You'll Get This Title Back When You've Earned It
  54. The Rocket Raccoon Fan Club
  55. The M. Bison Fan Club
  56. The-M. Bidoof Fan Club
  57. Rest In Pull-String
  58. Pranks For Everything, Partner
  59. Crashed Expectations
  60. Unlike IsmaR, we don't Shuckle
  61. Unlike IsmaR and Opossum, we don't Shuckle
  62. No Sense of Etik-ette
  63. No Patrick, Meta Knight is NOT "Edgy". Horseraddish Isn't "Edgy" Either
  64. Neo Zero is Solely Responsible for the Raccoon Problem We're Having
  65. Neo Zero is Solely Responsible for the Raccoonatic Problem We're Having
  66. Happy Birthday Opossum
  67. Guys My Birthday Was Like Two Months Ago Stoooooooop
  68. Opossum's Surprise Birthday Bash Tomorrow, Bring Gifts.
  69. Guys, What Day Was Dededay Again?
  70. Kenith is, and I quote, "The Biggest Resident Evil on Smashboards"
  71. Have a Safe Memorial Day, and Thank You, Veterans Who Lost Their Lives
  72. 5.something
  73. Smash 4 Social 5.Dio
  74. The Uninteresting Smash 4 Social 5.Dio
  75. The Somewhat Eventful Smash 4 Social V.5
  76. The Always Eventful Smash 4 Social V.5 - No Refunds
  77. The Splattered Smash 4 Social V.5 - No ink
  78. Social Thread 5.0 - was lazily brought to you by these moderators...
  79. Opossum has regular internet again so titles will be updated wittily again woo!
  80. featuring Kool & the Gang
  81. Trust Me, I'm a Doctor
  82. Trust Me, I'm a Dinosaur
  83. To Infinity and Beyond
  84. To Infinity and Beyonce
  85. No, Bidoof.
  86. Pulverizing Pinball Edition
  87. Troog Ma I
  88. Smash 4 Social Thread Five-0
  89. Not a Soul. in here
  90. Let's Hear It for the Daffy Ducks
  91. Hey guys, did you hear about the l- *shot*
  92. Super Smash Bros. for Ryu and 3DS
  93. Digital Event Hype Edition.
  94. E3 Edition
  95. Turns out his name was Rumpelstiltskin all along!
  96. Thread Contains Small Parts, not suitable for children under 3
  97. Julius Caesar really messed up the calendar
  98. The title would be better without the stuff that comes after "5.0:"
  99. Smash 4 Emblem Fates Social 5.0: Spoiler Tags Edition
  100. My Computer Caught a cold
  101. Smash 4 Social 5.0: Title Edition
  102. Let's Visit a Coffee Shop
  103. US Supreme Court is the Real MVP Today
  104. Smash 4 Social 5.0: Let's Get Some Coffee
  105. Let's Visit a Coffee Shop
  106. US Supreme Court is the Real MVP Today
  107. But Seriously Let's Get Coffee
  108. Let's Get Some Coffee
  109. Let's Destroy Some Alert Boxes
  110. Taking All Bets for CEO 2015
  111. CEO had ZeRo winners
  112. CEO Had ZeRo Mustaches
  113. A Leap Second Is Coming To Town
  114. Nostalgia is Ogrerated
  115. We Have...a Wiki Now?
  116. It's July Now. Happy Canada Day! :D
  117. 2015 is 50% over
  118. Everyone dies. The end.
  119. Happy Fourth of July, Everyone in the USA! And elsewhere too I guess :P
  120. Dogs rule and cats drool
  121. I'll Take Blue-Haired Lords For $500
  122. Sponsored by Bran Flakes
  123. The return of a war veteran
  124. "Okay."
  125. Today's 7/11. Like the Convenience Store.
  126. We're Pushing the Page Limit, Fal
  127. "Video games are meant to be just one thing. Fun. Fun for everyone" RIP Mr. Iwata
  128. You Know What Are Creepy? Numbers Stations.
  129. Y2K
  130. Yet 2 Kome
  131. Seven Deadly Sins, Cos, and Tans
  132. Seven Deadly Sinnohs, Kalos, and Hoenns
  133. And then IsmaR shattered the Master Emerald
  134. And then Superman shattered the Dragon Balls
  135. Almighty emotes
  136. Rolling out the Red Carpet
  137. Sponsored by TripleDent Gum
  138. I Prefer "Celebrity Fantas" to "Celebrity Crushes"
  139. "Et tu, Entei?"
  140. Cthulhu Confirmed for Splatoon DLC
  141. RIP Cecil the Lion
  142. Remember the Car on the Hill?
  143. W I N D O W S 1 0 G U Y S
  144. W I N D O W S 1 0 B O Y S & K R O O L
  145. W I N D O W S 1 0 B O Y S & K R O O L & F R O S T W R A I T H
  146. W I N D O W S 1 0 B O Y S & K R O O L & F Я O S T W Я A I T H
  147. ITT - we relive the Miiverse Daily Caption thread
  148. ITT - Marth Chromfirmed for Smash 4 Hacks
  149. ANYTHING CAN CHANGE! Including the page we end at.

6.0 Edit

  1. The day when speculation stood still
  2. Remember the Pecking Order
  3. Just Toying Around
  4. Social Thread Emblem: Blazing Forum
  5. Who's on First?
  6. Who pranked me?
  7. This Thread Has Thirty Eyes and Can't See
  8. No Sign of Intelligent Life Anywhere
  9. No Spam
  10. Иo Spam
  11. Let's Go Practice Medicine
  12. Release the Bogus
  13. Get the Limited Edition Dr. FalKoopa Amiibo Today!
  14. Please Read the Changes to the OP
  15. Fighting the Flightitus
  16. The Movie
  17. "Oh no."
  18. D23 Hype
  19. "Til we meet again"
  20. Lettuce Meat Again
  21. Till School Do Us Part
  22. Summer Days, Drifting Away
  23. Summer Wars, Shall Begin Before the End
  24. You're a Bot Now, You're a Fiat Now
  25. Klefki Confirmed for Mortal Kombat XI
  26. Good Luck, Comrade Modsupial
  27. The Movie (Trailer is Out!)
  28. P O K K É N B O Y Z
  29. There's a leg in my boot!

Trivia Edit

  • For some reason, the Social Thread 4.0 had its title changed one more time after it had already ended.
  • Before the transition between 4.0 and 5.0 there was a joke thread called 4.102, the thread ended on midnight thanks to the power of Shaq.
  • At July 12, 2015, the Social Thread locked down for four minutes to remember Satoru Iwata, whose death got confirmed two hours prior.
  • FalKoopa ended the Social Thread 5.0 fifteen pages earlier than expected due to time zones.
  • One of the thread titles found in 6.0, "Til we meet again", was created to honor ❀Miracle for her departure.
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