Here we show the greatest fusion between the regular of the Smash Social thread,made by BakaCirno:


Characteristics Edit

The character contain the elements of the following users:

Powerstar9: Hat

Soul.: Pikachu Ear

KingShadow: Gengar Ear

FalKoopa: Little Phanpy (presumed to act as a parasite)

Shrek_is_love: Akari Hair

Prof. OboroTa-don Layton: Hello Kitty Ribbon

Exaggeratedhonesty: Link Ear

Flight: Headphones

Space Stranger: Woody Head

Nyxxxx: Nyx Mark

Motorcycle the Pooh: Homura Glasses

Nintendo-Spider151: Merlin Moustache

Blargg888: Paint dripping from moustache

Crazyal02 : Mouth

Erika : Scarf

Arigarmy: Waluigi Body

Rysir: Lucario Spike

RamOne: Andy Star

Aldelaro5: Paper Mario Overall Button

BakaCirno: Cirno Wings

Dromader the Knuckles: Knuckles Hand

Wario Bros.: Wario Logo

TJ-Works: Peridot Arm

Mao644: Count Bleck Hand & Staff

PsychoIncarnate: Eye on the staff

Burning Mandala: Sailor Mars Skirt & Legs

Equestrian Flyer: Rainbow Dash Logo

UNiC0RN 0F SM4SH: Sunset Shimmer Logo

Sonic Buddha: Conker Tail

Opossum: Opossum Tail

MainJPW: Mighty Foot

Insomniac Wolf: Killua Foot

Gallery Edit

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