Taiko no Professor Layton
Brown kittybrownhair
Name Taiko no Professor Layton
Account Start Date September 10, 2014
Position Member
Frequenter Yes

Professor Pumpkaboo, previously known as OboromuramaAlpaca, The Grand Concubunny, and Prof. OboroTa-don Layton and known as Obo for short (or Obobo and Obomabo by skaaaa), is a regular poster in the Smash 4 Social Thread. She is known for being a more serious-toned poster with strong opinions, and for giving advice to those who pose questions or concerns. She is known for bringing Traps up to confuse everyone for her enjoyment.

Characteristics Edit

Pumpkaboo isn't very sociable. She is also a fan of several things, leading to them becoming almost synonymous with her. These include the Professor Layton games, the character Don-Chan, the Fire Emblem series (and in particular, the male version of the character Robin), the Animal Crossing series, the Assassination Classroom anime and manga, and several different bishōnen boys.

Trivia Edit

  • Obo has a collection of Pokemon plushies. Most recently, she has purchased several Cosplay Pikachu plushies from the Pokemon Center.
  • She has made a wonderful gif that features a blue pom pom Link.
  • She likes playing Mario Kart 8 a lot.
  • She listens to the Fire Emblem Fates songs Skirmish (Calm) and Skirmish (Ablaze Version) on the regular after hearing it on a stream.
  • Doesn't likes big breasted characters.
  • She once had an incident of trolling in August 2015 which was poorly handled by the staff. She claimed this to be honesty, but it was anything except honesty.
  • She is studying to become a Veterinary Technician
  • Up till this day, she has had every single Nintendo console

Gallery Edit

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