A regular from the Social Thread,he likes to shove his nose on the other's life that much,that he almost never leaves the Smash 4 Social just to study the different specimens,he like to use the profile pic for the stuff he is actually enjoying,his trademark jokes are an artesanal version of a hedgehog(coming from a random youtube comment about searching an hedgehog version of yourself on google)and randomly picking smart comments calling people internet winner.

Joined the site during the last days of speculation between 3DS and WIIU,before being a Social Regular,he used to walk on the Tower of Smash leak thread.

He was descarew the one which gave life to this wiki.

Most nostalgic game for him is lost vikings.

He always get annoyed by the fact he never got into a hunger games in the thread.(It was discovered later he was too OP for these kinda of games)

Flight thinks his grammar stinks.

His nevar gud at being at fast typying.

Really dislikes folks who tries to hard to meme.(Despite the fact he makes the same thing by adding "troll" smilies at the end of most of his posts just to meme)

After 2 ****posters of the social got banned and the rules got changed he decided to leave the thread for good.