Name Still~Wolf
Account Start Date May 5, 2015
Position Member
Frequenter Yes

Still~Wolf is a regular user in the Smash 4 Social Thread. A Kirby player and kind poster, her modesty generally prevents her from complimenting herself, leaving other members of the thread to do that for her.

Characteristics Edit

While she disagrees with the opening statement, she does use Kirby and Pikachu. Still~Wolf often tries to be funny, usually failing pretty miserably, in her opinion. People seem to think she's relatively nice though, which she also disagrees with. She tends to not sleep at all, and is usually nervous. She has been a member of the boards since May 5th, 2015, but did not introduce herself in the Meet/Greet forums. Her most active posting section outside of the Social Thread is the Meet/Greet Center, where she typically tries her best to introduce the newcomers, despite being relatively new herself.

Trivia Edit

  • She's obsessed with the main characters of the anime series Hunter x Hunter, particularly Killua.
  • She aspires to become better at drawing, but has decent skills in the writing department.
  • Still~Wolf came from her former online ID Wolf, which she felt was too bland.
  • Started using Wolf after first playing Dark Souls, becoming obsessed with the boss "The Great Grey Wolf Sif".
  • Still~Wolf used to main Fox. However, she always felt miserable when using the character, and soon dropped him for more enjoyable mains.

Gallery Edit