The Social Thread is best described as "Social Thread". It is a gigantic back hole that sucks you in and traps you forever. Once you're in, you're there forever. Very few have managed to escape the Social Thread's alluring pull.

It is a place where insanity congregates to form various entities known to most as "Users" and they talk to each other about the fundamentals of life, such as bacon, waifus, moral values, gifs, toys, and many other various things.

The Social Thread can be hard to comprehend, and will sometimes drive the "Users" mad if they stay there too long.

The Social Thread is a chaotic place, but can be controlled by forms of order that have become known as "Moderators." The "Moderators" can control the chaos, but only to a certain extent, as they themselves have a little bit of chaos inside them. Sometimes though, if the chaos of the "users" gets corrupted, the "Moderators" can "Lock" the chaos away. A more permanent "Lock" is forced onto the Social Thread once the void fills up with too much chaotic energy, leading one of the "Moderators" to create a new void to transfer the chaos into.

Not all of the chaos always makes it into the next "Thread" though.

There exists a more powerful form of chaos known as "Premium Members"

"Premium Members" are forms of chaos that have offered a part of their state of being up to the Center of the universe, where the fragment of their being eventually returns to them as a powered up shining ball of chaos that lasts for a certain amount of time. "Premium Users" generally hold a lot of chaos, and hold more freedoms than the regular bundles of chaos.

Sometimes, though, the "Premium users" build up too much chaos, and so, they must gain help from a "Moderator" to siphon the chaos out of their body, through the "Moderator"'s body, and into a regular "User's" body. Upon doing this, the "User" gets overwhelmed by the chaos, and begins to go insane. The condition will wear off after a while, but while the "User" is in this state (Known as "Pranked") all of the chaotic attributes that are unique to them will be amplified tenfold, and can sometimes disrupt other "Users"
Angra Manyu

Pictured is Angra Mainyu, the source of all world's evil, a user who thinks of himself as a spider believes he's responsible for the thread's existance.

"Premiums" must be careful to not siphon out too much chaos. Otherwise the "Users" will become immune to being "Pranked"

There are beings of massive order that sometimes pass through, known as "Admins".

Not much is known about "Admins" other than that there are not many, and they are very powerful. They can have special powers such as being able to turn everything into sepia tone, setting massive amounts of space on fire, or talking a lot.

Clearly, they are to be respected.

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