Shrek was wakened by user FalKoopa, and his mighty rage told him to kill. He grabbed the female-avatar, but male user Fal, And eat him WITH ALL HIS OGRE POWER! "Its Not Ogre yet" he shouted as he stomped to the boards headquarters. Brayz, a normal (And Fab!) user was sitting on a bench, eating some food, playing smash, when he saw the giant orge, he ran as fast as sonic to user Cyndane. "Cyndane" He Cried. "What?" Cyndane replied, confused. BOOM! The mighty ogre Shrek Stepped on Brayz, Crushing him. Cyndane Screamed, and ran off to Luggy. "Luggy" She Shouted, out of breath. "What?" Luggy Replied, But then saw the oninon-loveing ogre running toward them, and Yelled "Cyndane Look Ou-" But it was too late. Cyndane was eaten by the ogre. "Tastes like.. Onions" he said, grinning. "AHHHHH!" Yelled Arigamy, as he ran with Still~Wolf To kill the beast. BOOM! the Shrek gods cast a bolt of thunder, zapping Arigamy. Still~Wolf Grabbed Blargg888, and threw him at the beast. "WAIT NUUUU" he shouted. "CHOM---AHHHH!" Shrek Yelled as Blargg punched him, and the Grand CocoBunny EAT HIM!

The end of the attack