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Name Sehnsucht
Account Start Date February 9, 2014
Position Member
Frequenter Formerly

Sehnsucht is a mysterious user who appears in the Smash 4 Social Thread. He is often mysterious or cryptic, but shows no such mystery in expressing his distaste for this very Wiki. Did we mention he's mysterious?


Sehnsucht has made quite a name for himself, as noted by users' reactions when he re-enters the thread after a hiatus. Intelligent and serious, even when joking (no matter how oxymoronic that may appear to be), and mysterious, Sehnsucht has a strong presence. He is also a self-proclaimed sass master. As well, Sehnsucht is known for his occasionally unsettling, sometimes mysterious, avatars, though these have been toned down recently.

He's also pretty mysterious.


  • He is completely against the idea of this Wiki being a real thing.
  • Sehnsucht has a way with words and a spiritual bond with ToasterBrains (Part of a Zombie's Balanced Breakfast!), whether he remembers it or not, according to ToasterBrains.
  • Probably has a thesaurus open whenever he posts.

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