Sometimes in the Social Thread, a user might say something profound. Something weird. Something interesting. Something that they become known for. Something unique (Take that how you will).

This is the place where we can chronicle all of those quotes. (or something)

This is not a place for just anything somebody said, it's a place for recognizable/notable/well known/really weird quotes.

Soul. Edit

  • "lol"

Equestrian Flyer Edit

  • "You hate on me for being a brony, and yet you google Disney character porn."
  • "I'm posting this message on a bicycle."
  • "Any bonds today?"

Frostwraith Edit

  • "That sort of pornographic pictures ain't gonna fly! That's a ticket to a permanent ban!"
  • "This joke has run it's course. And that is assuming it was ever funny to begin with. (Hint: It wasn't)"

Kermit the Ninja Edit


--- Edit

  • "Why do I keep letting Opossum come up with these weird thread titles?"

Flight Edit

  • "Anything new?"
  • "I'm bored."
  • "Not bad."
  • "Nothing much."
  • "What's up?"

Nintendo-Spider151 Edit

  • "I love Rapunzel"
  • "Silly Cliff"
  • "I don't hate you for being a brony, it's because you're unfunny."
  • "Love Live! sucks"
  • "You're not Luggy"
  • "You say you've grown out of Disney movies, and yet you have a Rainbow Dash avatar."


  • "... Oh gods, you people actually managed to that Wiki that was meant to be long forgotten."
  • "Crap is putting it very lightly."

 ??? Edit

  • "I hate bacon"

Everybody Who Is Unfamiliar With the Smash 4 Social Thread Edit

  • "X pages in Y hours?!"

Brayz Edit

  • "Currently tiping scales"

Powerstar9 Edit

  • "Welcome to My World"
  • "Expect the Unexpected"
  • "Well, wouldn't that be nice? Shame that we can't risk getting sued for having something up that encourages 13 year olds to make fake accounts just so they can be with the 'big boys.' [insert obama pic here] THIS IS A DEMOCRACY. ALL MEN AND WOMEN ARE TREATED EQUAL. MOST OF THE TIME."
  • "This is the most intelligent discussion we've ever had on this thread. Probably EVER.
  • "Woody is.... a weeb?"