Most of PsychoIncarnate's avatars have a single giant eyeball.
Name PsychoIncarnate
Account Start Date July 4, 2007
Position User
Frequenter Occasional

Psychoincarnate (called Psycho for short, although they aren't) is a Smashboards member. They are known for being a long-time fan of Geno from Super Mario RPG, their eyeball avatars, and a quirky sense of humour.

General Edit

Psychoincarnate has been a speculator since the Brawl times when they were a very active Geno fan, and Geno himself was a very highly requested character at that time. Most of their 30,000+ posts were accrued during that time.

Although they are no longer an active member in Smash 4 speculation, they created and own the Geno thread. They usually drops in the Social Thread with a post about pre-historic life (often dinosaurs) or making note of some strange piece of news.

Trivia Edit

  • They currently have the third highest number of posts on the site.
  • They are also among the elder people who visit the Smash 4 Social.