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The other major (Butter) social thread on Smashboards. The thread started out as a social thread dedicated to the popular mod of Brawl, but later devolved into nothing but random talk, anime and waifus.


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  • my favorite character is yoshi because of how attractive his body is. i think yoshi is a boy so i guess we can get married now because of the recent law thingy but im not going to do that because I:M noT GAY yYOU gUYS. I just think yoshi is attractive even if he was a girl because he practiceely is a girl since he lays eggs like girls do. the most attractive part of yoshi is his egg hol- er his tongue because of how long and flexible it is. i wish i had a toungue like that so i could eat ice cream in one bite! i told my mom that i think yoshi is attractive and she thought i was talking about a girl at school, she asked to see a picture of her and i showed her this one:
  • my favorite anime is full metal alchemist brotherhood because it shows the story of how it is okay to believe in transmutation because it proved that IT iS REal you guys i can prove it if i wanted. i really like aplfonso elrich because he is big an made of metal but also sounds like a little girl. sometimes i pretend he is a girl and i ha a dream that we both were fighting with the homunculuses infront of the entire world. i wish that dream was real because it would be a lot of fun playing with alphonso in my backyard because i had a sandbox and swingset. i think i need to clean my sandbox though because i used to make it really dirty when i was litteler. i also HATE HATE HATE HATE lust because she reminds me of my teacher who i will not name for her saftey because of how pretty she is. it isn't fair that she gets to be that pretty when i know that if i was all grown up i could be prettier. i especially like edward elrich because he is short like me and really loud like my dad...

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