"He created the most pestering thing for the mods on the forum,needs more than that?"

Of course there could be
Loan = Payed

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Amount of hecks Edit



When you don't give a heck.

Origins Edit

Born in Somewhere, Ontario, the prophets said he was born to destroy smashboards, and was abandoned, making his way to Somewhere else, Ontario, where he now resides.

The Infamous salad gif Edit

The salad gif has quite the innocent beginnings. Pigglyjuff made the gif out of sheer boredom, and posted it on smashboards, this led too many people ****posting the gif and spamming it in the thread. This almost shut off the smashboards meme privileges, and moderators made stricter rules on memes.


The gif in question

Likes Edit

•Dank memes •Magic the gathering •Super smash bros

Dislikes Edit

•Normies •Wyoming •Mushrooms

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