Name MewtwoMaster2002
Account Start Date December 19, 2002
Position Member
Frequenter Yes

MewtwoMaster2002 (formerly stylized as MEWTWOMASTER2002) is a regular member on Smashboards who has a username that seems to be quite angry. This user has been around since 2002. He often drops by the social thread with random information or updates.

Characteristics Edit

He's a seemingly chill user who has a good attitude...

I haven't been here long enough to say more so you guys can fill this for me ._.

Trivia Edit

  • He's a Mewtwo and also a master.
  • He's probably been a Mewtwo and a master since 2002.
  • It's speculated that he is angry.
  • His name is represented in caps, meaning he is special.