Mega Bidoof
Mega Bidoof in His True Form
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 420 Millenia
Status Sexually Active
Physical attributes
Height 420 Meters
Weight 420 Kilograms

Mega Bidoof is a rather muscular user who worships Lanky.

From Humble Beginnings Edit

He created his SmashBoards account simply to request an icon for the popular roster maker, created by the user named Jakor, but his account quickly escalated into something more. He eventually made his way over to the now old and abandoned Roster Prediction Discussion Thread, and posted some stupid ideas there. He had a knack for making Support Threads for stupid characters, but most managed to not get locked because he claimed they were not joke threads but rather joke characters like Wii Fit Trainer. This was when Bidoof first found a loophole in the SmashBoards Legal System. A few times, Mega Bidoof threatened to leave the site forever because he was butthurt over some of his stupid threads being locked, but ended up staying because nobody cared.

Bidoof Tried Making a Game Once Edit

In October 2013, he created a Smash Fan-Game originally called Project Bidoof, then Super Smash Bros. Affinity, then Super Smash Bros. Unity. The project ended up failing and never got a single version released because it was just Bidoof getting some random people and his friends on the boards and none of them knew how to program. Bidoof left the project in February 2015 because it wasn't going anywhere, and I t was confirmed to be on "indefinite hiatus" in May 2015, but some people are trying to revive it.

Bidoof wants to be a game designer and own his own studio when he is an adult and is expected to make contributions to society. What a Nerd.

Where is HE Now Edit

Mega Bidoof currently resides in his beachside mansion in the depths of the internet, and frequently comes out to visit the Social Thread and also the Social Threads for his cartoon fandoms.

The End.Booty


Trivia Edit

  • He is the creator of the (no longer open) "Church of Lanky Kong".
  • He sexually identifies as a dank meme.
  • Despite being quite mature and intelligent, he is only 15 years old.
  • His self-proclaimed maturity is called into question when people point out the volume of dank memes he outputs.
  • He is rumored to be in a mafia-like gang that has power in influencing the R.P.E. (Rare Pepe Economy)