Name Luggy
Account Start Date October 20, 2014
Position Member
Frequenter Yes

Imma say this again, you are adorableThe Grand Concubunny, 5.0

This is probably the most adorable post I have ever seen on this forum.Envy, 5.0

Luggy stop it, you're too adorable for your own good ;_;Still~Wolf, 5.0

Luggy is a regular poster of the Social Thread. Best known for his meme posts, the females unofficially dubbed him as the most adorable member of the Social.

known for his Nichijou gifs (and recently the Dio ones too),calls himself the incarnation of the Chaplin on the internet, misses the danky memes as most of the next guy and is known for being sarcastic.


Luggy is the self-proclaimed Lil'Tramp of the Internet. Great admirer of Charlie Chaplin.

Trivia Edit

  • His meme posts have a pattern: he starts with a statement, continues with an funny image to end it with a snarky comment in italics.
  • Has a Nichijou gif for every situation.
  • Dislikes Sonic and R.O.B. with a passion.
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