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Name KeyBladePony
Account Start Date February 5th, 2013
Position Premium Member
Frequenter Somewhat often

KeybladePony is a somewhat frequent user on the Social thread, but is more likely seen in the forum games. He has gained a reputation as one of the more infamous users on the boards, but is slowly working to improve it. He is most notable for his love for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and is a huge amiibo collector.

Trivia Edit

  • KeybladePony used to hate on MLP, but he changed his heart after giving it a shot, and has been a brony since January 2014.
  • He is great friends with Sunset Shimmer, KingofPhantoms, Equestrian Flyer, UNiC0RN (who isn't?) and JaytheUnseen.
  • He doesn't gets along with Nintendo-Spider151, resulting in at least 2 arguments where the two had to be stopped by the mods.
  • He is a MLP analyst on YouTube.
  • He was formerly known as Keybladeguy, but has adopted the moniker KeybladePony in all his online activity.
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