Name Jpkurihara
Account Start Date July 30, 2012
Position Member
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Jpkurihara is a regular in the Smash 4 Social Thread. He is known for his love of the character Yoshi from the Super Mario Bros. franchise, and is also the self-proclaimed "Yoshi guy" of the Thread.

Characteristics Edit

Jpkurihara is a Yoshi main in any and all games featuring the character, including the Super Smash Bros. ones. This forms a bit of a basis for his posting style and personality in general. In addition, he is a budding artist and writer, who posts the various drawings that he creates (most of which feature Yoshi) in the thread. Friendly and helpful when he can be, he is almost never, if at all, seen without a Yoshi-themed avatar. He is usually happy to share his knowledge about the virtual green dinosaur and is also known to be a huge fan of the free browser game Fallen London and From Software's "Souls" series.

Trivia Edit

  • Jpkurihara owns various pieces of Yoshi merchandise and memorabilia in real life.
  • His avatar was created by a deviantART user and can be found here.
  • Besides this avatar, he has another one he drew himself and was digitized by Flight (Sky High). It features Yoshi dressed in the clothes of the Hunter from Bloodborne. It can be seen in his Steam and deviantART accounts.
  • He is a force of nature.

Gallery Edit


Jpkurihara's dream of purchase: a Yarn Yoshi doll