Name Jazzzz
Account Start Date Feb 16, 2014
Position Premium Member
Frequenter Yes

Praline (also known as Skaaaa, jazzzz and nyxxxx during his time as a Premium Member) is a frequent visitor to the Smash 4 Social Thread. He is known for his apparent love of waifu culture, which has become a recurring theme in the thread.

Characteristics Edit

As the Weapon Master. Skaaaa never has any fear of saying what is on his mind, and is actually very sweet, and a cool person to have around the Social Thread. His waifu is Severa but he also has much love for the character Nyx, from the upcoming title Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright and Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest. Though he may get salty on occasion due to lag, he never stays that way for long. "Mains" Zero Suit Samus, Palutena, Lucina and Mewtwo. He is also known for being a bit of a sleazebag.

Trivia Edit

  • Ska and Jazz, from which both of his names are derived, are types of music, ironically he's fond of neither.
  • Has 40 amiibos and counting.
  • Was originally thought to be a girl.
  • Owns a katana and crossbow among other weapons.
  • Skaaaa is undead.
  • He is the user most prone to hurting himself through by accident.
  • He revealed he is an Oracle.

Gallery Edit

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