In the Social Thread 4.0, there was a time in which many members of Social Thread took place in a series of games known as "The Hunger Games".

In the Hunger Games, it's a battle to the death between 24 people to see who survives, many users and moderators were pitted against other users and moderator, as well as fictional and non-fictional characters.

A new Hunger Games season recently took place in Social Thread 6.0 on March 1st, 2016. This one was created by RodNutTaken, run by FalKoopa, and combined elements from Mario Kart.

While there were too many games to properly Document, there are a few interesting things to note.

Notes Edit

  • Space Stranger was known to get brutally owned during the Hunger Games, always being one of the first ones killed. Often he was killed in the stupidest ways, as well.
    • Even when pitted against 22 other copies of himself, and one Buzz Lightyear, he still lost. Buzz won the game.
  • There seemed to have been an ongoing rivalry between a Herd of Rainbow Sheep and a Group of Substitute Dolls. No one knows what the outcome of the battle was, but most agree that it was probably a stalemate.
    • There were many losses.
    • in Social thread 5.0, everyone dies, the end.
      • Commonly from anti-climatically falling in frozen lakes, a fate that befell Falkoopa, Blargg, Oboro, and many others.
    • Brayz, FalKoopa, Nintendo-spider151, did more seasons of The Hunger Games, as did Blargg888, three times. Winners:
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