Arrow of Light
Element of Kindness
Name Arrow of Light
Account Start Date July 19th, 2010
Position Member
Frequenter Fairly active

Arrow of Light (Also formerly known as ZeldaMaster_1, Sunset Shimmer, or Fluttershy) is most recognized as a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, hence naming his third and fourth name change after MLP characters.

Trivia Edit

  • Arrow has been a brony since 2012
  • He is 23 years old.
    • UNiC0RN often jokes about him being a "grandpa" due to his age and the fact that he joined Smashboards in 2010.
  • He likes Baseball. He sometimes talks with fellow brony Equestrian Flyer about it.
  • His favorite team is the Baltimore Orioles.
  • His favorite pony is Fluttershy.
  • Sooner or later, he will enjoy watching Gravity Falls >:)
    • Or will he? :P
      • Yes, he will ^_^
        • Only time will tell :P
          • Time says yes :P
            • Flips time over :P
              • (_/ TIME )_/ ︵ /(o ‾ o)\