(Dr.) FalKoopa
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Name Dr. FalKoopa
Account Start Date December 16, 2012 (Dec 17 local time)
Position Ex-Moderator
Frequenter Yes

FalKoopa (also Dr. FalKoopa) is a Smashboards moderator and a regular in the Smash 4 Social Thread. A friendly and slightly easy-going moderator, he is well liked by the thread's patrons, serving as somewhat of a foil to fellow moderator Opossum.

Characteristics Edit

FalKoopa resides in India, leading to some difficulties when it comes to time zones on occasion. Nevertheless, he still actively participates in the Social Thread. He is known for his brightly-colored avatars and signatures. He was also the creator of the fourth iteration of the thread. Like Opossum, he is a fan of puns and wordplay.

He also ends all his posts with a picture of a Phanpy.

He likes to roleplay as Stalin. The Red, err, Яed Moderator banner works nicely with that.

He spends most of his time online either at TV Tropes or Smashboards.

Trivia Edit

  • FalKoopa is notorious for his accidental double posts. This is ironic, as generally moderators frown upon multi-posting, yet Fal has even quadruple posted on occasion. These are the fault of his Internet connection. It has become somewhat of a running joke in the Social Thread.
  • Fal's slightly more lenient nature makes him somewhat of a foil to fellow moderators IsmaR and Opossum.
  • FalKoopa also moderates the Forum Games section of the site.
  • FalKoopa has beef with Tsuko G.
  • FalKoopa used to have Toon Link as his avatar mascot.
  • FalKoopa has a weakness to cute gifs, as stated by none other than himself.

Gallery Edit