'New page hype' - Abyssal Lagiacrus, 4.0

Dr. Abyssal Lagiacrus
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Name Dr. Abyssal Lagiacrus
Account Start Date Jul 30, 2014
Position Moderator
Frequenter Occasional

Dr. Abyssal Lagiacrus, formerly known as Abyssal Lagiacrus, is a Smashboards moderator is a semi-regular in the Smash 4 Social Thread. He moderates the Bowser Jr. sub-forums of the site.

Description Edit

Dr. Abyssal Lagiacrus is known particularly for his catchphrase "You guys are plebs" followed by a Melee and Smash 64 Yoshi emote. He often posts strange and hilarious pictures whenever he visits the Social Thread. As of late, he has been photoshopping pictures of various characters on Dr. Mario.

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Abyssal Lagiacrus is a dragon from the Monster Hunter series.