Name CyberHyperPhoenix
Account Start Date September 11, 2014
Position Premium Member
Frequenter Kinda sort of?

CyberHyperPhoenix, also known as Kusanagi, Kyo-Clone (by Space Stranger), King of Fighters (by Soul.) or CyberPhoenix on other websites, is an irregular/semi-regular poster in the Smash 4 Social Thread. He is known for using Twitch emotes to enhance both shitposts and serious discussions alike, and for giving advice to other users for stuff he probably has no clue about.

Characteristics Edit

Cyber generally favours both pessimism and optimism equally. He is also a fan of The King of Fighters and other fighting games and it characters, leading them becoming almost synonymous with him. These include The King of Fighters games, his favourite being character Kusanagi, Street Fighter series with his favourite characters being Charlie Nash and Ken. He also has the tendency to get into sarcastic discussions (that often have the potential to turn into an argument) with Space Stranger about King of Fighters, Toy Story and Pixar/Disney and Fighting games in general.

Trivia Edit

  • Cyber has a nine different backgrounds on his Mac Book with each of them having a Street Fighter 5's character arts for each character, adding one as each new character is revealed.
  • Cyber purchased a one year premium membership on October 8th 2014, almost one month after joining the forums
  • Also is a regular of the NintenZone social thread.
  • He likes playing Samsh 4 Wii U, Splatoon and Garry's Mod alot.
  • He has a rather large collection of gifs and reaction images.
  • Often listens to the X vs Zero remix by Breis.
  • Thinks Toy Story as a series is irrelevant.
  • Likes big breasted characters unlike Obo.
  • Thinks Equestrian Flyer is too serious and doesn't have a sense of humour (despite what he might tell you).
  • Thinks Mario is a bad franchise and that anyone over the age of 10 that still plays it is a manchhild
  • Cyber has stated that he has Asperger's Syndrome
  • Favorite Nintendo franchise is Fire Emblem

Gallery Edit

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