Name Coricus
Account Start Date February 19, 2015
Position Premium
Frequenter Kind of?

A member of the Like Squad, Coricus is a user who joined the Boards on February 19th, 2015. She is a Mega Man main and Sonic fan.


• Keeps saying that they will make a Smash Bros Webcomic, but keeps not doing it. This may partially be due to the fact that they have no idea what it should be about other than "shenanigans with Smash Bros characters."

• Thinks it's hilarious when people criticize other people's vocabulary by saying that they have awful "grammer."

G-R-A-M-M-A-R is how it's spelled, for future reference. With two A's. And the art of spelling is called vocabulary. Grammar is punctuation and sentence structure.

•Has an intense hatred for Genwunning and other forms of venomous judgement of things you haven't even tried. When Coricus doesn't like something, she generally prefers to just avoid it.

• Coricus sucks at Smash Bros.

She is, however, better than Paralyzer-spamming Zero Suit Samus players on For Glory, and would mock them more if anyone else thought their stupidity was funny.

•Her favorite Pokemon include Lucario, Glaceon, and Aurorus.

•Her favorite animals include Hedgehogs, Pangolins, Tuataras, Monitor Lizards, kittens, dolphins, Coelacanths, and Lungfish.

•Likes her fictional characters adorable (but not TOO adorable) and capable of extreme feats of awesomeness.