Name Arigarmy
Account Start Date January 18, 2014
Position Member
Frequenter Yes

Arigarmy is a frequent member of Smashboards. He is a fan of the video game character Waluigi and holds a fondness of bootleg products (and Pepe, the frog). Other than that, not else is known about this strange and really weird user.

Characteristics Edit

When morning strikes, he greets the users with the unique and outstanding "Hey guys." Fond of bootlegs, he usually shares the products he has come across, whether toys, games, or dolls, he finds the most corrupted ones to show the boards. Most posts from him ends with either a Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, or Denzel emote. He knows no boundaries when it comes to going too far or when to stop his shenanigans. If anything else, he's just talking about how he has a love for pizza. Competitively, he mains Little Mac in Smash Bros., and believes Mac has unseen potential for being a top player. He hopes one day that Waluigi will be a playable character in Smash.

Currently he holds a hobby of his own fictional battles inspired by Death Battle. As of this edit, he has done Bowser vs Ganondorf, King Dedede vs Shao Kahn, Sora vs Shulk, and is currently working on Wario vs Knuckles in association with MainJPW. People credit his work as being highly detailed from the canon sources and believes he offers satisfactory arguments to back his claim.

Trivia Edit

  • Loves pizza and churros
  • Crippling soda addiction
  • Extreme fear of wasps and being underwater
  • Favorite bootleg is "Naburo vs Waterboy the Boy from Atlantis"
  • Also a frequent user on 4chan
  • Collects internet memes known as "pepes" and currently has 500+ images of them
  • People use his avatar to describe walking in on lewd situations

Gallery Edit