Name AEM
Account Start Date Unknown
Position Moderator
Frequenter Nope

AEM, (Formerly known as Ariand/AEM before he purchased premium membership) is a moderator on SmashBoards. He usually only visits the social thread if he gets tagged in there. (In other words, not very often). He plays G&W in melee, Ice climbers in PM, and Mii gunner in sm4sh. All of this has led a lot of us to come to the conclusions that AEM has a crippling fear of success and if he ever started winning in a tournament he would probably play a random character on a random stage in tourney. How disrespectful!

Trivia Edit

  • He does not like advertisements
  • He is allergic to cats causing him to be more of a dog person, reflected in his decision to choose team dog during Splatoon's Splafest.
  • He is also a member of Squidboards.
  • He dabbles in the occasional Team Fortress 2.
  • Has a crippling fear of success, can be seen in his character choice in all smash games.
  • Actually thinks squids dressed up in sushi chef outfits is hilarious.
  • Does not help people when they ask him on how to spell something, like the word chef
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